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Stop Domestic Abuse Launches "Ask Me" in Hampshire

Ask Me is a community-based project. Communities are usually the first to know about domestic abuse, but they lack confidence and understanding to offer the appropriate support. We are changing that!

Ask Me community ambassadors will raise awareness of domestic abuse and create safe environments for survivors to speak out. 

Coercive control crosses social barriers as the perpetrator doesn’t have to be there. The Ask Me project crosses social barriers as our ambassadors will be everywhere.  

The Ask Me project offers a free two-day workshop that challenges myths, stereotypes and breaks down victim blaming attitudes. Ambassadors will learn how to respond to information sharing and about the correct services to signpost survivors to.  

We are currently running workshops in Gosport, Fareham, Leigh Park and Wecock Farm. If you know anyone who is interested in becoming an ambassador please give them our contact details  This can be anyone from a friend, family member, shop assistant, hairdresser or taxi driver. Ambassadors must be over the age of eighteen.

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