We’RE fighting for


and we help all those affected.

Stop domeStic abuse

is an innovative and unique provider of all services to those affected by domestic abuse. 

We don’t just protect and work with victims, we help perpetrators, the police and many  other organisations. 


Our Values


At Stop Domestic Abuse we are committed to:  

  1. Ending abuse within families

  2. Equality

  3. Lobbying and campaigning

  4. Working in partnership

  5. Service user participation

  6. Innovation

  7. Empowering women and children

  8. Respect for individual dignity and diversity

  9. Openness and honesty

  10. Providing services that reflect the diverse needs of the communities we serve


By committing to these values we will ensure that our services will be:

  1. Easily accessible

  1. Relevant to service users’ needs

  2. Of real assistance to women, children, young people and men experiencing domestic abuse

  3. Provided by a diverse workforce

  4. Well managed and provide value for money

  5. Regularly monitored

  6. Continually improved

  7. A well-governed organisation


Campaign and Deliver


SDA has been working to realise its dream of a world without domestic abuse for many years. By increasing awareness of the problem, we will help those affected, raise more money and extend our reach.

The problem is no one knows how bad the problem is.  We want to make our purpose clearer and bring domestic abuse out into the open.

We want to stop domestic abuse and we aim to do this by campaigning and delivering direct services to those affected by domestic abuse.



We want to educate people to accept that domestic abuse happens, through:

  • training programmes and information events

  • publicity and awareness

  • lobbying and action.

Delivering direct services:

To protect and provide support to women, children, young people and men affected by domestic abuse through:

  • refuge accommodation for women and children

  • community based support for victims and survivors

  • work with perpetrators and those using unhealthy behaviours in their intimate partner relationships